Historical White Lake

Al Pack

A. D. Hayward

Area Shipwrecks 

Bank Block Businesses

Banking in Montague

Banking in Whitehall

Bed and Breakfasts – Lewis House

Ben Mac Dhui

Brunette Ruth Sylph Pathfinder

Building Bridges

Building History – Ferry-Dowling to Sweet-Nesbit

Building History – WL Bakery & Others

Burrows Goodno

Businesses – Jewelers

Cabins – Dunbar & Sun Ray

Churches – Montague Methodist Episcopal Church

Churches – Whitehall Methodist Episcopal

Citizens – A. F. Casselman

Citizens – Captain Andrew Flagstad

Citizens – Axel C. Johnson

Citizens – Capt David Jones Foster

Citizens – Chas Johnson Family

Citizens – C. C. Thompson

Citizens – C. L. Streng

Citizens – David Wilmot Covell

Citizens- Dexter Perry Glazier

Citizens – Frederick Norman

Citizens – George H. Mason

Citizens – G. J Mogg

Citizens – Henry Moritz

Citizens – I. M. Weston

Citizens – I. W. Berd

Citizens – Jack DeFraga

Citizens – Lyman T Covell and Joseph Hinchman

Citizens – Mark B. Covell

Citizens – Mat and Dollie Flagstad

Citizens – ME Ladies Aid Society

Citizens – Thomas Hawks

Citizens – W. C. Cotes

Citizens – W.E. Osmun Seven Gables

City Dock – Goodrich Park

CL King and Montague Basket Companies


Early Businesses at the Mouth

Early History of Whitehall

Ella Ellenwood

Fair Wind

Fire of 1890

First Things First in Montague

First Things First in Whitehall

Franklin House Hotel

George E. Dowling

Goody Goody Court

Great Fire of 1881

Historic Homes – 303 S Mears (Covell-White Swan)

Historic Homes – A. E. Dinet Summer Home

Historic Homes – Clark Phelps Briggs

Historic Homes – Miller Anderson Roesler Vohs

Historic Homes – Nufer Residence

Historic Homes – Pullman – Dowling – Dewitt

Historic Homes – Redfern Kern Blomdahl

Historic Homes – Summer Home of JW Fordney

Homes Vintage Images – WD McKey – Ellergill-Timbers

Historic Homes – Valley View

Hotels – Cottage Grove

Hotels – White Lake Inn

I.M. Weston

If Walls Could Talk – Linderman Blk

Life Saving Station

LG Ripley

Long Point – From Mills to Resorts

M. T. Green

Mary Booth

Medbery Park

Mills and Lakeside Inn

Mills – Erickson – Steffee Mill

Mills – Frank H White

Mills – Ferry Mill at the Mouth

Mills – Hornellsville – J. Alley

Mills – Joseph Hearld et al

Mills – Nufer

Mills – Mears to Wilcox to Albumar

Montague House Hotel

Montague Iron Works

Montague Liveries

Montague Memorial Field

Montague Roller Mill

Mouth Cemetery

Newspapers and Publishers

North Hill School

Nufer-Adams Theatre – The Playhouse

Oak Grove Cemetery

Old Channel Inn

Ohrenberger Block

Opera Houses

Park Theater

Photographers in Montague

Photographers in Whitehall

Post Office in Montague

Post Office in Whitehall

R. C. Brittain

Ravenswood Resort

Readin Ritin Rithmatic

Resorts – Catalpas

Resorts – Cherokee

Resorts – Fairview at White Lake

Resorts – Hayward Park

Resorts – Idlewild

Resorts – Maple Hurst

Resorts – Murrays Inn

Resorts – White Lake Villa #1

Resorts – White Lake Villa #2

Salvaged Shipwreck

Schooner “Our Son”

Seager House

Ships Steamers – Argo

Ships Steamers – Carrie A Ryerson

Ships Steamers – Georgia

Ships Steamers – Lydonia II

Ships Steamers – SS Carolina


SS – Arizona

SS – Lawrence-Frontenac

Temple & Co Curtain Roll

The Helen and the Blizzard of November 1886

Train Stations and Station Agents

Troy Laundry Building

The White Lake Channel

Things That Float – The Ark

Trails Meet Ferry

Washout at the Tunnel

Whitehall Hotels

Whitehall Roller Mills

White Lake Barbecue

White Lake Creamery

White Lake History Cruise 2023

White Ledge

Wreck of the L.J.Conway